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New Angels Tears luxury vodka is as stunning to look at as it is to taste

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What does it take
to make an exceptional vodka?

This was the question the creators of Angels Tears Vodka asked themselves when they were trying to develop a new drinking experience for vodka lovers in the UK.

Quality & Luxurious

The quality of this luxurious vodka wasn't in doubt, but the creators wanted something else that would really set it apart from other super-premium vodkas. The answer was inspired: what else could perfectly symbolise the elegance and purity of their vodka better than an angel? And so the idea for Angels Tears Vodka was born: a drink that looks as stylish and memorable as it tastes, thanks to an eye-catching bottle design that draws inspiration from the classical tradition of angelic sculpture from pre-Renaissance times through to the atmospheric religious sculptures of the Victorians.

Bespoke Design

Made to a bespoke design out of frosted glass, the unique craftsmanship of this beautiful bottle means that it has already become a collector's item. So it's no surprise that Angels Tears Vodka makes an eye-catching statement and stands out from other vodkas on the market - whether it's on the table in top London bars and clubs or being enjoyed with friends at home.

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The final piece of the puzzle is complete. So isn't it time you tried Angels Tears Vodka?
Best served between -16c and -18c.

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